Webinar “Sterntube Bearings Failures, Alignment or Lubrication?”

IMT-sterntube-bearing-failures-alignment-or-lubrication (503 downloads)


The maritime community is concerned about frequent stern tube bearing failures. ROG Ship Repair company has organized an online webinar and further open discussion related to this issue.

Intellectual Maritime Technology was honoured to open the webinar. Dr. Yuriy Batrak and Aleksandr Ursolov presented the key problems of preventing stern tube bearings failures at the shaft alignment design stage, current situation and further developments. Then Joost van Doodewaard from On Site Alignment company shared the experience of practicals aspects of stern tube bearings failures analysis during alignment implementation. Finally, Roy van den Nieuwendijk from AEGIR-Marine BV company presented a comparison of biodegradable and mineral oils as a stern tube bearing lubricant.

After three mentioned presentations, all attendees were able to give a comment and ask a question. The discussion was lively and intense. The IMT presentation from this webinar is available in the attachment.