Asymptotic Estimation of the Fluid Film Pressure in non-Metallic Water-Lubricated Staved Stern Tube Bearings

Anatoliy Serdjuchenko, Aleksandr Ursolov, Yuriy Batrak

Intellectual Maritime Technologies, Buznika 5, room 15, Mykolaiv, Ukraine 54010

Corresponding author.
E-mail address: (Ursolov A.)


An analytical approach based on the asymptotic technique is applied to estimate hydrodynamic pressure in lubrication film of water-lubricated stave bearings with length/diameter ratio L/D>1. Circular staves and flat staves with aligned and misaligned journals have been considered. Explicit small physical parameter (0.5D/L)2<<1 is used for asymptotic series to solve the boundary value problem. Analytical results have been derived in the three first approaches on the small parameter and compared with the numerical results based on FEM calculations. Comparison of the results showed that difference in the results do not exceed 25% for the maximum pressure, however at the same time value and variation of the pressure field strongly depend on the staves kind, eccentricity and misalignment of the journal.


Bearing with circular staves bearing with flat staves

Geometric configuration of the lubrication film

Aligned journal Misaligned journal

3D diagrams with sections of pressure field in the bearing


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