ShaftDesigner Modules


Core software package (Modeler core)

Article no. SD-CP01


Required for all other modules. For the Torsional Vibration module is required optionally. Provides a 3D environment for simple and rapid creating detailed shafting design model. The model may consist of several shaftlines, engine crankshafts, gearbox, fixed and controllable propellers, stern tubes, brackets, different types of flanges and bearings. This model is the source for all kinds of calculations. Stores your models in the Repository for further usage.

Shaft Alignment

Article no. SD-SA01


Provides all required calculations concerning marine propulsion shaft alignment and bearing loads. Considers bending in both vertical and horizontal planes, a detailed bearing model with irregular bush shape etc. Implements a full cycle of the shaft alignment procedure: determines current bearing offsets after measuring with reverse calculation, finds best bearing offsets to apply them onboard, checks it with Jack-up test, SAG&GAP, Strain gauges. Additional features: bush contact pressure field, bearing hydrodynamic lubrication, propeller loads, gear tooth loads, hull deflections estimation, technological tolerances.

Shaft Alignment Reverse Calculations with strain gauges 

Article no. SD-SA02

strain gauge shaftline

Requires SD-SA01

Calculation of vertical and horizontal bearing offsets based on measured bearing loads, SAG&GAP and shaft bending parameters. Calculation of bearing adjustment parameters on board during shaft alignment procedure using the strain gauges technique.

Basic Whirling Vibration

Article no. SD-WV01


Basic Whirling Vibration module implements a conventional approach to whirling vibration calculation. The module calculates whirling vibration undamped natural frequencies, mode shapes and critical speeds, builds Campbell diagram. For bearings, isotropic model is used, i.e. bearing stiffness does not depend on direction, and on the vibration frequency. Bearings are not damped. Whirling vibration parameters are not coupled with alignment.

Advanced Whirling Vibration

Article no. SD-WV02



Takes into account anisotropic bearing model which has direction and frequency dependent stiffness and damping characteristics. Calculates free vibration’s damped natural frequencies, mode shapes, critical and resonance speeds, Campbell diagram. Harmonic response analysis provides all parameters at any section, 3D animation of ODS and indicates whether the critical speeds result in harmful vibrations. Whirling vibration depends on the alignment parameters and bearing operational conditions providing a more accurate prediction of shafting behaviour.

Axial Vibration

Article no. SD-AV01


The free axial vibration calculation shows an overview of the various critical speeds with their corresponding mode shapes. Harmonic response analysis shows actual shaft displacement and thrust bearing loads in relation to the running speed of the installation. Different options are available to set excitation, frequency dependent stiffness and damping parameters for all equipment.

Torsional Vibration

Article no. SD-TV01


Generates calculation scheme out of shaft dimensions. Calculates angular deformations between components, vibratory torque and stresses in shaft elements, gear hammering in geared connections, power loss in flexible elements and dampers, normal and misfiring diesel engines conditions. Advanced ice impact and short circuit features provide transient calculations in time domain. Supports the latest Classification Societies requirements.

Transient Torsional Vibration

Article no. SD-TV02

Requires Torsional Vibration Module


DIN-743 Load Capacity

Article no. SD-D743



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