ShaftDesigner: shaft alignment, torsional, axial, whirling vibration

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ShaftDesigner is a computer-aided engineering system, which enables the user to quickly optimize marine propulsion designs and installations. This software package is the modules set which can help to understand and to avoid potentially harmful shaft alignment and vibration problems in propulsion design, by exploring alternative materials and geometries that can verify and optimize designs. It further helps personnel to quickly analyze and solve alignment and vibration issues for existing vessels during the maintenance and repair phases.

ShaftDesigner software enables the user to:

  • Get quick, specific and accurate results while minimizing chances of input errors
  • Prevent potential alignment problems and harmful vibrations in any propulsion design
  • Reduce the chance of shaft component malfunctioning and warranty claims
  • Select the appropriate number of shaft components in a quotation phase
  • Optimize shaft propulsion designs and alignment/installation procedures
  • Save time while troubleshooting alignment and vibration problems on any vessel
  • Apply the latest insights, rules, and regulations as a result of continuous software development

The software’s main features are:

    • Shaft Modeller creates the Base model once for all types of calculations
    • Drag and drop modeling including component library and history/undo feature

  • Shaft alignment calculations using a FEM model under all operating conditions of a vessel
  • Calculation of whirling/bending, axial and torsional vibration including ice impact feature
  • Torsional vibration calculations may be performed starting from entering the mass-elastic system
  • Classification society independent
  • Following of IACS standards and specific classification society rules and regulations
  • Customizable reports with export options and all required input to obtain classification society approval

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Changes of the Base model are updated to all applications models automatically. Errors, which inevitably arise due to the required reentering of information, are thereby eliminated. As a result, the general time of calculations is decreased.