Training on shaft alignment and vibration calculations

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ShaftDesigner training course

The course combines practical calculations and theoretical backgrounds of shaft alignment and shaft vibration analysis. The full range of tools and features for analysis of the directly coupled and geared propulsion systems are used in the exercises. The most up-to-date alignment techniques are to be explained.

Those completing this course will be able to use the software in the most effective way for the shaft alignment and shaft vibration analysis.

ShaftDesigner training course
Entry standards

ShaftDesigner training course

The course is intended for trainees who have basic skills in shaft alignment analysis and verification methods and basic knowledge about marine propulsion systems structure and operation.

The course is valuable for propulsion shafting designers, shipyard engineers, and ship-owner personnel to gain an understanding of shafting alignment design as well as shafting vibration analysis.

The course content

Shaft alignment

  • Alignment related risks, cause-and-effect
  • Classification Societies requirements to shaft alignment
  • Shaft alignment calculation theoretical backgrounds
  • Operating conditions
  • Shaft modeling
  • Bearing bush modeling
  • Direct, optimal and reverse calculations
  • Safe alignment tolerance
ShaftDesigner training course

  • Alignment verification procedures including strain gauge alignment
  • Live calculation practice
Shaft vibrations

ShaftDesigner training course



  • Classification of vibrations by type and nature
  • Whirling, (lateral), axial and torsional vibrations
  • Vibrations related risks, cause-and-effect
  • Classification Societies requirements to shaft vibrations
  • Free vibration calculations. Campbell diagram
  • Forced vibration calculations
  • Sources of vibrations
  • Types of forced vibrations damping
  • Live calculation practice
The course outline

The training course is available in two options: standard 4-days course and customized program tailored for special requirements.

ShaftDesigner training course

Standard 4-days course outline:

Day 1

09:00–12:00 Shaft alignment concepts

13:00–16:00 Shaft alignment calculation basics

Day 3

09:00–12:00 Shaft vibration concepts

13:00–16:00 Shaft vibration calculation basics

Day 2

09:00–12:00 Shaft modeling

13:00–16:00  Live shaft alignment calculation practice

Day 4

09:00–12:00 Shaft vibration analyses

13:00–16:00 Live shaft vibration calculation practice

Training facilities and staff

ShatDesigner training course

Training can take place at the customer’s facilities at various locations around the world.

Courses are delivered by expert personnel according to the agreed content/schedule.

Online courses customized by a customer are available.

Training experience

Training events were held by IMT specialists in Canada, China, Denmark, Finland,  India,  Singapore, Turkey, Ukraine.

ShaftDesigner training course