Interactive adjustment of the shaft alignment procedure

In special cases, when there are some uncertainties associated with the characteristics of the shaft line, IMT, having developed a shaft alignment plan, resorts to the practice of interactive adjustment of its implementation. Such uncertainties arise for example when the vessel has three bearings which are not accessible for measuring loads during the alignment procedure, or when for some reason it is not possible to decouple the flanges of the gearbox or the main engine for measuring SAG and GAP, when stiffness of bearings are not known exactly, etc. In such cases, IMT developing shaft alignment plan has to resort to some hypotheses about the relative position of the shafting parts, use evaluation formulas to specify the stiffness of the bearings, etc.

As a result, in the practical implementation of the alignment plan, unacceptable discrepancies with calculation may occur. In such cases, the measurement data obtained by the shipyard are immediately transmitted to IMT via communication channels and used to identify the real properties of the shaft system using reverse calculations.

After adjusting the shafting model, IMT promptly develops a new shaft alignment plan and transfers it to the shipyard for implementation. The process is repeated until satisfactory results are achieved.

In this way, IMT provides interactive adjustment of the shaft alignment procedure when the shipyard does not have its own ShaftDesigner software.