Continuous development and support

IMT’s policy is aimed at fully satisfying the needs of software and service customers. The company has introduced a special system that provides a prompt communication with customers. Active users make their suggestions for changing and supplementing the program, so when buying a program, the client not only gets a modern product but also access to the experience of advanced users concentrated in the software. If an error is detected, changes are made to the program and if it is possible, we update the customer’s installation immediately.

To familiarize with the program, the Customer can work with a trial version of the software before purchasing, using the free Internet license server, or by receiving a version for working off-line.

When purchasing a program, each customer receives at his disposal a User Guide, the content of which is constantly maintained in an up-to-date state. If the User Guide is not enough and the customer wants to receive extended consultations, as well as constant software updates, he can order a Support Service. The customer receives one year of Support Service along with the purchase of software. ShaftDesigner is developing non-stop, therefore, having such a service, the customer saves the value of investments made once. If for any reason, the customer has not renewed the Service Contract, he stops receiving support but retains the right to restore Support Service for a fee, the amount of which depends on the length of the period without Service.

Customer support is not the only consultation on the application of the program. IMT also provides a separate Consulting Service, within the framework of which IMT reviews and corrects customer models, provides recommendations for calculating of a propulsion shafting in difficult cases, etc. Consulting Services are also provided on an hourly basis.

If it is necessary to train a group of users simultaneously, the customer can order a training course on a topic of interest to him. On-line consultation and training are possible for individuals.