ShaftDesigner 1.9.19 released

WHATSNEW-1.9.19 (385 downloads)


It was really efficient February for IMT! Yesterday we updated our costumers with the next ShaftDesigner 1.9.19 version after implementing their requests and improve the software.

The most critical improvements are significant speed-up of vibrations calculation due to more efficiently using system resources, at least 2 times on heavy projects.

We also continue to improve the user interface and functionality of the Torsional Vibration Module. Special attention should be paid to the ability to model several power sources in-line (e.g. electrical motors) in complex hybrid power plants calculations.

There are some improvements in Jack up test calculation that make work with the software more convenient. We also extended Excel model import, updated User manual, made a lot of improvements in the reporting system and fixed small bugs in Modeler, Alignment, Torsional, Axial and Whirling modules.

It is a good start of the year, we continue to improve the ShaftDesigner software for our customers.


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