ShaftDesigner Request Form

The Request form is aimed to help clients more clearly present their needs in the software to provide the most accurate quotation for the requested license.







License type:

 Regular stand alone
 Regular floating

In the below list check required modules and set quantity:

Article no. Product Q-ty
SD-CP01 Core software package (Modeler core)
SD-SA01 Shaft Alignment
SD-SA02 Shaft Alignment Reverse Calculations with strain gauges
SD-WV01 Basic Whirling Vibration
SD-WV02 Advanced Whirling Vibration
SD-AV01 Axial Vibration
SD-TV01 Torsional Vibration
SD-TV02 Transient Torsional Vibration
SD-D743 DIN-743 Load Capacity
SD-SC01 Software support, extra years
SD-TS01 Training, persons